Choosing Offshore Bank

Choosing the right offshore bank is one of the most important steps in opening offshore bank account. Choosing a suitable offshore account, the main criteria are very much similar to those you can use when choosing local bank – the range of offered services and financial stability. However, offshore bank should provide maximum confidentiality, tax advantages and political stability also should be provided to more extent than with onshore banks.

Of course it depends on customer’s needs, but good offshore bank should make it easy and convenient to transfer funds from and to any location in the world. For offshore investor it is very important that offshore bank provides access to different investment instruments, from savings account to offshore mutual funds, bonds, securities and precious metals.

An important thing that should be considered by offshore investor is that interest rates should be equal in any currency. So, if the rate offered by particular offshore bank is too good to be true, it is better to ask a financial expert to look over the offer, identify any possible problems to secure the best rates and ensure safety of your money.

The most popular criteria to choose the bank for opening bank account are: