Offshore Bank Account

Offshore Bank Account site provides information for offshore investors and businessmen worldwide to access the products of major offshore financial institutions in most popular banking jurisdictions. Our objective is to provide a reliable source of information and to help general public understand how offshore banking is conducted and how it can be used to help grow and protect financial resources.

The main questions answered here are: What is the offshore bank account? How to find the best offshore bank account? and How to open the offshore bank account with less hassle?. We do not promote any particular offshore jurisdiction or offshore bank, we just provide general information everyone could use to get the right direction and to formulate the initial list of questions to discuss with professional advisor prior opening the offshore bank account.

Our site also gives quick answers to frequently asked questions about the offshore banking industry and offshore bank accounts. Here you will find a guide for selecting the appropriate offshore banking jurisdiction, finding out which offshore bank in particular jurisdiction has the best match with your needs as well as what to do when you need the professional introducer for offshore bank account opening.

Perhaps, you are curious why many offshore banks do not open the offshore bank account directly but work in tandem with professional introducers providing nominee services. Or interested in anonymous bank accounts, numbered bank accounts or offshore credit cards. FAQ section will provide answers to most of these questions with additional hints on important things to beware of. If there is some offshore bank account related question still unanswered – send it in.

Our resource section will provide answers if you are looking for real examples of world’s top offshore banks, searching for offshore banking legislation, banking associations in offshore jurisdictions or the list of “watchdog” type organizations which are established in offshore jurisdictions to protect offshore investors and businessmen. Offshore banking regulator in particular offshore jurisdiction could be the first instance to approach if one has some problems with the offshore bank.

Maybe, you are lost in offshore bank account types and do not exactly know which one you need? Get a prompt description of the most popular offshore bank account types – a personal offshore bank account, a corporate or business offshore bank account, an offshore merchant account as well as offshore savings and offshore investment accounts.

Placing assets in a solid bank in a stable jurisdiction is the key component of any asset protection structure. Offshore banking is used globally by thousands of individuals and companies. With a properly set-up offshore bank account, international business and offshore investment should give much more returns.